"Through performance and outreach, DAMAGEDANCE fosters a creative community dedicated to dance as a means of exploration and expression."

As part of our purpose, DAMAGEDANCE seeks to create an impact in the community around us through our community and educational outreach work. We hope to allow individuals to find dance as an expressive outlet, a new exploration and appreciation for the body and what it is capable of, and an opportunity to see the raw expressiveness of dance in a way they may not otherwise receive. We want to help develop a community that loves the arts and not only sees the value in dance, but feels an emotional response and excitement when they see dance. 

 DAMAGEDANCE is a partner with the Denver Public Schools and is continuing work to spread its outreach throughout the school system.

If you are interested in DAMAGEDANCE's outreach programming please feel free to contact us at outreach@damagedance.com.

DAMAGEDANCE performed assemblies at Park Hill Elementary, presenting two stage works and one dance film. These are their conversations. All children in the video have signed a media waiver presented by their school. www.damagedance.com


Current Partnered Schools

Park Hill Elementary
Kunsmiller Arts Academy
Oakland Elementary

Past Partners

South High School
Florida Pitt Waller
Denver School of the Arts


DAMAGEDANCE performs several works in a 45-minute program with an open Q&A to follow giving the students the opportunity to interact with the dancers and director. The assembly serves as exposure of phenomenal contemporary dance and sparks ideas of creativity, stamina and coordination, work ethic, comminucation skills, and more. 


Barefoot Bounce

DAMAGEDANCE's after school enrichment program lasting 10-15 weeks offering contemporary dance classes based on modern dance techniques and incorporating in other contemporary styles through the development of the semester.  In addition to studying dance concepts, students will work on communication skills, teamwork, spatial awareness, problem solving, coordination and strength. The program culminates with an informal sharing for the parents and school community.


(Summer Camps can also be offered in Spanish. While these programs are designed as camps they can be condensed into workshops to fit different needs.)

Speak Up and Dance (can offer 1-3 grade and 4-6 grade)

This half-day, 1-2 week dance camp provides youth empowerment through an introduction to contemporary movement techniques while experimenting with the pairing of music and literature.  Based around modern and contemporary dance, students (with no experience necessary) will learn a fusion of styles, and will then connect their movement to poetry and other literary readings, finding the connection between the power of spoken word and movement.  Students will also experiment with different kinds of music and how it can effect their expression and performance.  All aligned with the mission of DAMAGEDANCE, Speak Up and Dance provides an outlet for young people wanting to move to express themselves in a completely safe space, fostering creativity and creation through movement!   


Mistakes Make Magic (6-8 grade)

In this full day, one week dance camp, students learn how to use dance to navigate through life, find resolution and feel overall empowerment.  Our goal is to make every breakdown a breakthrough, using our imperfections and mistakes as opportunities for individuality and growth.  Based around modern and contemporary dance techniques, students will take regular dance classes and then dive into improvisational expression, creation and composition, partnering support, journaling on experiences and creating an informal performance to share. No dance experience necessary.